Finally, late Sunday afternoon the board was finished and we submitted it. We had a solid design composed through equal effort from everyone.  I enjoyed my new friends and the work we did… Continue reading

Individual tasks of Team 009.

When we went our separate ways on Friday, each team member was responsible for a different part of our board. Hilary was in charge of diagrams–one for circulation and one for usage. William… Continue reading

Things I Learned During the Brainstorm

This project was both architecturally and socially educational.  I got to see designers in action–particularly those who have learned exactly what I shall be learning in college.  I got to hear stories about… Continue reading

Elaborating on the New Design

After Will’s brilliant plan was announced, the group focused on the details.  We left the concrete steps intersecting the wall of the atrium, but on the other side we proposed an interactive wall… Continue reading

Can I Suggest Something Totally Different?

“Can I suggest something totally different?” William said. “Sure, go ahead.” Will then drew a new exterior path that would connect to the second floor utilizing space that was currently the dean’s conference… Continue reading


As always, the initial design had some problems.  The most minor of which was deciding how many seating stairs to put in; the most major of which is that the end of the… Continue reading

First Design

After juggling ideas of what needed to be done and what we wanted to do, an idea began to form.  Since the commuters were coming from the left side of the space–the side… Continue reading

Initial Plans

After sharing with me stories of professors and field trips, Andrea said, “Should we start sketching?” Our group then set some goals for our design. The first:  The required.  An entry to the… Continue reading

Team 009

New people always intimidate me.  Those a few years older do even more so.  In new groups I tend to become the quiet observer and I forget to talk.  Luckily, that was pretty… Continue reading

Beginning MAX_min.

So It’s my third day of architecture school, and I am supposed to assist in a design competition.   In this I am paired with four upperclassmen in the program.  I can’t think of… Continue reading